A variety of Illustrations

A collection of my digital paintings
This album is a collection of Illustrations done for school assignments. More illustrations will be uploaded shortly, as I have quite a few to take care of in the next weeks
My eye
My Wacom mouse
Galactic Painting
Edward Norton in Fight Club.
This is a poster I designed for the International Wine Festival in Windsor. The poster is suppose to communicate that music and wine are what the event is primarily about. I got 3rd in the competition
An Editorial for the single "Simple Math" by Manchester Orchestra.
Andy Hull is the singer/writer for the band.

More projects

Helvetica, Punctuation Posters
Aaron & Nathan 2011
Porsche Group Composite
Talbot Lago
Skullcandy Product Shots
Things with wheels
Coffee Culture
Lamborghini Diablo
Mercedes-Benz 300SL
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